About the FBC Edge

There are a lot of interesting FBC Edge design choices that come together to characterize the kind of experience that traders will have. In evaluating that, it's hard not to question the mindset of the team that came together to build the platform in the first place.

Who was this team trying to target and what gap was it aiming to close in the cryptocurrency trading world? Here's a brief look at some insights that should give some clarity.

Looking out for the Beginners

Those who are new to the cryptocurrency trading world were some of the biggest motivators to the FBC Edge team. The unit comprises a series of expert traders who had a pretty difficult time getting to where they are today.

It's not necessarily a case where the right educational resources didn't exist, but they were few, far between, and many of the information sources were conflicting and confusing.

With that, the plan was simple. The team struggled to design a trading platform that would allow the execution element to be seamlessly blended with the learning side of things, and FBC Edge was born.

An Inclusive Mission for Beginners and Experts Alike

While beginners are very much supported, the plan was also never to isolate those on the more experienced side of the spectrum. After all, such people would be like peers of the FBC Edge team, and there was no desire to isolate them just for having taken the time to gain more knowledge.

Therefore, the mission evolved to include providing a space where experts and intermediate users could both trade and get the market insights they needed.

Looking to the Future

What about the future though? Well, the world of cryptocurrency trading is expected to continue to evolve as it has been doing so far. At this point, the FBC Edge team’s mission is to maintain the relevance of the platform by constantly tweaking it to evolve with the times.